Best Smart Sprinkler Controller (2021): Lean, Mean, Green Your Lawn with

Interested in keeping your lawn looking fresh all year round? Of course you are! With the best smart sprinkler controller – installed in and around your house, you bet you’ll be getting the sweetest looking turf in the neighborhood. Not only will your home look nicer simply by taking care of your lawn but you’ll also realize how clean and polished your yard begins to look after a long day at work. Refreshing, we know.

Best Smart Sprinkler Controller

But even more than that, we can think of a smart sprinkler system as an investment. Sure, curb appeal is nice to look at – but it can also increase the value of your home. Often, home buyers make a decision about the house they are looking at when they first pull up to the residence – whether they realize it or not.

A fresh, green, sturdy lawn is the first step in creating an elegant look for your home – and pumping up the price tag on the largest investment in your life.

Our Top Recommendation

As for our favorite smart irrigation controller, the choice is clear. The Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller stands out as the best you can get. It has all of the features that you could desire to keep an entire lawn green as could be while being simple to use every day.

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Our favorite thing about it is its ability to adapt to the weather and adjust its spray accordingly. Now, you’re looking at a smaller water bill while still getting the perfect amount of water to your lawn. Altogether, this Rachio product is top of the line, pound for pound, the best smart sprinkler controller that your money could buy.

Top Rated 5 Smart Wifi Sprinkler Controller Reviews:

1. Rachio WiFi Smart Lawn Sprinkler Controller

(Best All-Around 2020)

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Incredibly Easy to Use

A new smart toy can become a burden if it isn’t simple to use. Thankfully, Rachio kept this in mind with the design of their sprinkler system by making everything completely accessible through a simple to use app.

The app comes on smartphones, tablets, or laptops and connects to your home’s WiFi to let you fully control whatever you need to keep your lawn looking outstanding. And, if you ever have a problem, Rachio’s customer support is always available to help you with your lawn care needs.

Adapts to the Elements

Having a particularly rainy week? Maybe things are dryer than this season than usual? Either way, these Rachio sprinklers can handle it. By contacting the Rachio Weather Intelligence platform, your sprinklers will know how much precipitation to expect and adjust accordingly.

This way, you’ll keep your lawn as healthy as it needs to be while also cutting down on your water bill. In fact, you may be able to reduce your water bill up to 50% using this smart irrigation controller!

Easy to Install

Installation can be a tough part of smart technologies – but this one is an absolute breeze. First, you’ll notice how works perfectly with the largest smart home platforms like Amazon’s Alexa and Google Home.

Then, you’ll realize that installing this controller doesn’t take any special tools, skills, or expertise beyond setting up a WiFi connection as usual. After all, how great can a smart home gadget be if it isn’t extremely easy to set up like this one?

2. RainMachine Pro-8 Touch

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Multi-Sourced Weather Information

As nice as it is to have some smart sprinklers that react to what one weather report says, wouldn’t it be more reliable to listen to three sources? You bet! That’s why this smart irrigation controller accesses NOAA, METNO, and Wunderground information and cross-checks all three against each other.

For this reason, you are bound to get a more accurate report that truly helps your lawn thrive. If you want to do even better than that, you can use your own personal weather station system to tell your sprinkler controller exactly what the weather is like at all times so it can adjust accordingly.

Highest Marks for Connectivity

Want to be able to connect your smart sprinklers to absolutely everything in your smart home ecosystem? We know you do – and so does RainMachine! Their open API lets you integrate your controller with Alexa, Nest, WINK, SmartThings and many more smart home gadgets through the IFTTT network. And, even though it is so connected, this timer is secure via its cloud independent design. All data is stored by the controller itself and not shared with other services.

EPA WaterSense Certified

Of course, using less water means everybody wins. Mother Earth will be happy when she gets to keep some of her precious liquids to use elsewhere. Your neighbors will be happy when you aren’t the house with the sprinklers running the day after it rains. And you will be happy when your water bill decreases by such a wide margin that you’ll be astonished. Truly, adding a smart irrigation controller to your home is the way to get things done if you want to do something great with your lawn. And going with this RainMachine product will make you all the more brilliant.

3. Rain Bird ST8I WiFi Smart Indoor WiFi Sprinkler

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Manual or Remote Access to Your Sprinklers

With this Rain Bird product, you can either choose to operate your sprinklers through a handheld, specialized Rain Bird device or your very own smartphone. Either way, you will have access to every piece of the smart sprinkler puzzle to create a highly specialized setup for your lawn. For these reasons, you will always have control over your smart sprinkler system in the palm of your hand.

Highly Programmable and Adjustable

This wifi sprinkler controller makes your sprinkler system extremely customized to fit your lawn and climate. The easy to use program lets you fix your timers to exactly the specifications that you want at exactly the times that you want. The watering schedule will automatically correct for local weather changes, odd temperatures, and humidity adjustments so that you can save water where you can. There is also a complete delay function that stops watering for anywhere between one and fourteen days for when you decide it’s time to give your lawn a break.

Just Needs WiFi

All you’ll need to connect your Rain Bird to everywhere you want is your existing home’s WiFi network. Once hooked up, you’ll be able to enable notifications from Rain Bird that let you know about what is going on with your yard all day, every day, no matter where you are. Your new Rain Bird toy will work with Amazon Alexa, Android phones, and Apple iOS 8 and higher. So, as long as you’ve been living in the digital age to begin with, you’ll be good to go with getting this sprinkler timer installed.

4. Blossom 7 Smart Watering Controller – Best Budget Wifi Controller

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Satellite-Based Weather Data

Through constantly updating information on the weather around your home, you will always be guaranteed to have the right amount of water in your yard. Through rain and shine, your sprinklers will be aware of their surroundings and adjust accordingly.

7 Zones of Control

As nice as it would be to take care of your entire yard like it is one giant zone, you know your yard is going to need more customization than that! With seven adjustable zones, you can fine-tune the spray to every part of your yard to make sure that the hills still get enough water but the low spots don’t drown.

Sleek Design

Between the actual physical design of the controller itself to the app that you’ll get on your smartphone, it is obvious how much thought went into creating this Blossom product. From the outside looking in and then back out again, it’s clear that Blossom really took their time to create a superior product that stands out above the competition.

5. Orbit 57950 B-hyve Smart Indoor-Outdoor Sprinkler System Controller (Top Dual Smart)

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Fully Connected

Once connected to your home WiFi, you’ll have complete access to controlling your smart sprinklers through any iOS, Android, or web-based device. With this kind of software, your sprinklers are always within reach whether you are home or away. Additionally, the controls have a small mind of their own in handling weather automatically if you set them to do so.

Secure and Durable

We know that you are going to want to be able to use your Orbit product for years and years after you get your first hold on it. Thankfully, this product is weather-resistant featuring mounts and interworkings that will stand the test of time.

Savings Through Intelligence

Nobody really loves paying their bills – but you can definitely make your water bill lower through the use of a smart sprinkler at least. With this switch installed, you can make sure that the lawn gets the water that it needs without getting so much that you’re wasting. That means a smaller water bill so you earn back your sprinkler timer debt and then some!

What to Consider When Buying a Smart Sprinker-Controller?

To get your own smart sprinkler controller, there aren’t really too many limitations that you absolutely have to follow. If you have an existing smart home system (and sprinkler!), you will want to make sure that the timer that you are getting is compatible with everything else.

Beyond that, your own personal preferences should guide your way considering that most smart sprinkler system controllers tend to have the same attributes. Make sure you get the standards of weather responsiveness, smartphone connectivity, and durability, and, then, go on to what you love most!

What is a Smart Sprinkler…And Why Do I Need One?

A smart sprinkler is a sprinkler like you have always had out in your yard – but vastly improved. Smart sprinklers can serve up different amounts of water to different zones of your lawn once configured.

Additionally, they tend to be more flexible in their configuration options in general. With a smart sprinkler, you’ll be able to get a greener lawn overall and a better-looking home in total.

Smart Sprinklers vs. Regular Sprinkler System

Compared to a regular sprinkler system, a smart sprinkler system is so overwhelmingly better than the similarities just about end with the fact that they both put water out in the yard. With a smart sprinkler system, you can individualize your sprinklers to your yard simply by accessing them with your app.

Ever try to adjust your regular sprinklers with a screwdriver? You end up soaked and they’re never perfect for too long. Also, your regular sprinklers just aren’t going to adjust to the weather all by themselves, are they?

How to Make Your Lawn Green with a Smart Irrigation

To get your lawn looking much greener, much sooner, you’ll want to use a smart sprinkler. To get yourself all set up, you will physical install your controller and sprinkler and then access your controller’s interface. Once there, you will be able to set up schedules and alerts to customize your lawn’s water levels for exactly what it needs.

Not only will you be able to adjust the frequency of your waterings but you will also be able to tell your sprinklers where exactly to water as well as with how much. With all of that in place, your lawn will be able to adjust to the weather and stay full and green no matter what the elements may bring.


Hey, you came to this page for a reason and we know it. You realize the importance of your lawn and the importance of keeping it green. Make sure that you have right tools for your lawn care. The grass in front of your house will give your entire façade a polished, finished look that can up your home’s value as well as makes you happier every time you come home from a long day of work.

For the best smart sprinkler controller, just check this article for the right one for you and start your journey to the best lawn in the neighborhood.

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