Black & Decker BV3100 /BV3600 / BV5600 Blower/Vac/Mulcher Review: The Strong, Silent Type

Does the thought of falling leaves make you break out in a cold sweat? Do you cringe at the thought of cleaning all the branches and twigs out of your front yard with that old rake? If so, don’t despair, because there is a way to keep your home neat and safe without having to do hours of work. All you need is an all-in-one leaf blower to get the job (or jobs) done and I have the perfect one for you.

Black & Decker BV5600 Blower:Vac:Mulcher Review

As you will see from my Black & Decker BV5600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher review, this machine is a homeowners dream. Not only is it affordable and easy to use, it’s also quick and efficient so you can spend more time enjoying the outdoors then cleaning them.

Up Close With The Black & Decker BV5600

The BV3100 is a 3-in-1 machine that can handle jobs big and small. Whether you have a big backyard or a tiny front-lawn this hand-held blower/vacuum/mulcher can tackle any problem. Let’s take a look at its key features and benefits:

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3-in-1 Settings

This machine has settings: leaf blower, vacuum and mulcher, which means it can take care of a multitude of household chores, inside and out. For a homeowner this is a big advantage because it can be costly, and time consuming to use 3 separate products. Plus, you can switch between the vacuum and mulcher quickly, with no tools for hassle-free cleaning.

The leaf blower can remove leaves and twigs littering your property and it can also blast the side of your house to give it a good cleaning with the turbo nozzle attachment.
The vacuum can such up debris, from branches to rocks in the blink of an eye for quick cleanup and can also be used indoors to clean drapes and upholstery. (This is the best reason why I love my BV5600. It saves my lower-back.)

There is a brush attachment to help you really work on problem areas too.
The mulcher can grind down 16 bags of dirt, leaves and branches into one. It has a solid metal fan that prevents clogging so you can mulch continuously to get things done fast.

Mulching is one of the best things you can do as a homeowner, as it can be used to protect your soil and trees from weeds, erosion and other harmful occurrences.

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BV3100 Electric, 210 mph motor

The electric motor is not only quieter, it’s also quite powerful. It has 2 speed settings so you can adjust how much power it uses based on the job your using. This is great because some jobs, like unclogging a drain full of leaves, require more force.

Electric motors are also safer because you do not to keep gas on hand and since there is no gas there is no worrying about noxious fumes. This is a big plus for families with small children.

Lightweight, Comfort Design

The BV3600 is meant to be worn on your shoulder and at just under 8 pounds it is super comfortable, even if you wear it for a while. There is an attachable bag so no stopping to pick up leaves, so everything gets done at once. The handle has a rubber grip so it doesn’t slip in your hand or cause chafing and it comes with a long cord so it is easy to move around.

There is no gas, there is no worrying about noxious fumes.

Black & Decker BV5600 is Light and Handy

The design makes it great for everyone, but it is especially good for women or the elderly. I could hold it with one hand only.

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Great Pricing

This machine is a real steal, even when compared to all the other leaf blowers on sale. Affordable for anyone on a budget without compromising on quality.

Pros & Cons

Now that you’ve seen what the Black & Decker can do, let’s examine the pros and cons of owning one.

Black & Decker BV3600 Review - It is a Blower, Vac, and Mulcher 3-in-1

There are a lot of good things that come with owning a BV3600. To start with, it is easy to use, no fussing with multiple settings or having to attach multiple pieces: just switch tubes and go from blower to vacuum in an instant. This means you spend more time cleaning and less time trying to figure out and use the machine.

The simplicity of the machine also makes it great for anyone, even if they’ve never used one before. In addition, the BV5600 can be used on almost any surface, from yards and deck to garages and sidewalks, not to mention indoors on carpets, blinds and couches. It is a true do-it-all machine that will make your life easier.


The one real downside to this machine is that since it is electric plugs in, so it may not reach far enough if you own a lot of property. Unless you own acres of and this shouldn’t be an issue, but even if you do you can always use an extension cord- problem solved.

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What are inside the Box?

It’s very easy to assemble and put it together. Very nice packaging and the box includes:

Black & Decker BV3600 - what are included?

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  • V3600 12 Amp Blower Vac
  • Blow Tube
  • Vacuum Tube
  • Collection bag – very handy
  • User Manual
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BV5600 User Manual

It’s very easy to put it together with all the parts and tubes. Check Here to download the Instruction Manual.

Black & Decker BV3600, 5600 vs The Black & Decker BV6600

The BV3600’s strongest competition comes from another Black & Decker product: the BV5600, 6600, the older version of this blower. As you would expect, these 3 machines are very similar, but there are some key differences.

Both machines weigh around 8 pounds and can vacuum, mulch and blast leaves. They also both are made to be worn and are electric-powered, for a quiet, powerful performance. Also, all have 230-250 mph motors and have an attachable bag.

The main difference between the 3 is the BV5600, BV6600 have a bigger reusable bag and costs about $20-50 more. A reusable bag is nice, but by no means a deal breaker. For the added money it’s not worth it and makes the BV3600 a better value for your money.

Black & Decker Blower/Vac/Mulcher Review: Customer Feedback

While all this information is great for helping you understand what the BV5600 is all about, it’s the customer reviews that will really show you how great it is. Consumers who have bought it are “blown away” (get it?) by how well-made it is for such a great price.

One user, Zach, said it is: “a great Vac Mulcher with a five star rating”, while another says it is a: “Great product – just as described”. Owners love its reliability and how well it functions and give it five stars across the board.

Q & A – What Customers Ask?

Here are the most frequently asked questions about this product:

Q. Is it reliable?

A “Yes. It can remove stuck on leaves, fallen branches and power clean the side of a house easily and will last for years to come.”

Q. How do you switch from blowing to vacuuming? Is it easy?

A. “Yes, it is quite simple. Just remove the blower tube and snap on the vacuum tube and start going. Tubes stay in place and are quite easy to snap on.”

Q. Is it easy to empty the bag?

A. “Very easy. Leaves and twigs are ground up, so they fall out without sticking to the bag.”

Investing in a 3-in-1 leaf blower is essential for any homeowner, and as my Black & Decker BV3600 High Performance Blower/Vac/Mulcher Review shows, this is the right machine for the job. The BV5600 is one of the highest quality devices you can find at a price that can’t be beat.

It will make cleaning your yard, garage or anywhere else on your property easy and quick, no straining your back or wasting days to get a simple job done. The BV5600 will be your new best friend and will make clean up so simple you’ll actually look forward to watching the leaves fall- now that is priceless!

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