Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower Review: Best Value 2015

The best snow blowers eliminate snow before you’re all worked-up, sweaty, and tired. You’re going to need a strong, efficient snow thrower machine on sale this season that can handle exactly how much snowfall you expect to receive, plus it needs to be able to stand up to whatever rigors you might put it through.

That’s why we chose the Toro 38381- it’s one of the highest rated snow blowers on the market, delivering an excellent combination of a light-duty gas machine with the perks and benefits of an electric start, giving you the easiest experience that you can imagine when conditions are terrible- but like anything else, it does have a few downfalls.

Many customers suggest that while the amounts of snow that are promised to be cleared are around 8-10 inches in depth, larger amounts can (understandably) jam or clog the machine, bogging down inter-working parts when asked to tackle wetter, heavier snow accumulations.

What we really like about the Toro 38381 is

Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower

1. How handy and versatile it is when you’re operating it

Other snow blowers can be hard to operate and use on a daily basis, but not the Toro 38381 18-Inch 15 Amp Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower. In our review, we’ll show you exactly why we think these simple features are so appealing in a snow thrower.

The Toro 38381 is easy to use as a common mower, rake, or hoe.

While there are a lot of choices out there to choose from when it comes to snow blowers on sale this season, but the biggest decision comes down to how well you can use the product at hand. The Toro 38381 is super quiet, very easy to start, and highly adjustable.

We looked at other, similar products (like the Joe 13.5 amp model) and what we’ve found is that the Toro not only delivers more power, but it’s also cheaper, lighter, and similarly rated for the same amounts of snow.

Additionally, the Toro 38381 is more highly rated among(several thousand satisfied Amazon reviewers have reviewed the Toro) and a great many say that the product is especially easy to use and maneuver.

One of the favorite aspects of most users comes from the completely adjustable handle that gives you complete control over the path of your snow-clearing obstacles. Even better, you can adjust the height of the chute, meaning you’re never making a mess with excessive snow, and it’s always going exactly where you want it to.

Several buyers posted negatively about the pull-cord operation, so you might want to err on the side of caution when pulling on it. Other than that, the Toro is streamlined to take the extra work out of your push and pull excursion. Heavy extension cords can be attached to the Toro easily, with the application of a clamp that’s built into the device.

With a cheap, sturdy cord (that you could pick up anywhere from the supermarket, to Amazon or the hardware store) you can get exactly what you need to eliminate snow in any but the worst conditions.

2. The Toro 38381 is impressively effective for its size

Toro 38381 Snow Blower is Very Effective and Powerful

One of the things that really stands out about the Toro product is how effectively it moves snow for its small size. Director Delulio at “In fact, it’s one of our top models, and our independent testers have never been let down. This model is one of the best for simply throwing snow… an impressive 30 feet. It’s one of the best light snow eliminators out there.”

Many owners have asked: “What is the recommended clearance for this device?” Our professionals advice as much as a foot of wet snow, but any snow blower should be rated independently (based on your situation) for heavy and compacted snow. In many circumstances, you can attempt to eliminate the snow on your patio, just make sure you have a device at the ready to successfully unclog the machine without using your hands.

The best aspect of this snow blower that we’ve found in this Toro 38381 Snow Blower Review is that they’ve completely eliminated the need for servicing the engine with completely electric parts.

Not only is the blower easier to use, it doesn’t need oil, and only requires a moderate amount of power to operate, which means you’re doing your part to help reduce green-house emissions that could harm the environment by not using gas. Plus, the engine always starts easily, meaning that you aren’t going to be struggling to finish the job in the cold.

3. The Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Snow Blower is very long lasting compared to other models of snow blowers

Many Happy Owners have commented on how well it performs in future tests. In fact, many owners of previously designed Toro 38 series blowers have reported regular usages over 10 years in duration, and newer models of snow blower designs are getting better equipped and more functional as the years go on.

Check out the Toro 38381 User Manual and see how easy it’s to operate.

What’s even better is that current versions are equipped with a warranty to guarantee that you’ll have a great experience with your mower. Always use the properly powered electrical cord to avoid destroying your engine, but with regular use and proper maintenance, you can expect your investment to last a good many years.

You’ll always find that quality brands like the Toro 38381 always stand behind their reputation, and promise you quality for all of your products for years to come.

A Few Common Questions and Answers (FAQ) we’ve seen for the Toro 38 series models

Has anyone used this blower on a sloped area?

Many users (who live in very hilly areas) haven’t a flat spot on their property. The Toro is light enough that even a smaller woman could easily operate and maneuver this blower in pretty much any condition, as it’s only about 18″ wide.

What power cord should I use? I want to make sure I’m protecting my investment!

You should always use a cord that provides cold weather protection and plenty of power. You’ll need at least 14 gauges of power on a cord that’s at least 50′ in length, but the optimal cord length is around 100′. It really depends on your application.

I’ve cleared about 11″ of snow, but there’s a quarter inch of packed snow left! What should I do?

There’s a good chance that this blower won’t always get higher drifts of snow. The best option is to lift up on the machine a little, letting it rest more on the strip under the blade than you normally would. More often than not, this layer of snow is frozen solid or dense snow, meaning that you should take a heavier two-stage blower, or break it up with a rake or hoe.

In our Toro 38381 Electric 1800 Power Curve Snow Blower Review, we’ve decided that this snow blower meets our satisfaction. All in all, it provides a lot of power for the price and longevity you can count on, which is all you need in a snow blower on sale this season.

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