Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc: The Best Two Stage Snow Blower on Sale This Season

When you’re out in the snow, your back is tired, and you’re dealing with large quantities of wet, sticky snow, you need a snow-thrower that’s going to ensure that you get the job done as fast and effectively as possible. You don’t want to do a whole lot of work, and you don’t want to have to go over what you’ve already plowed with other tools. Plus, you’re planning on spending quite a bit of money- so you want the most value for your money!

Meet the Husqvarna ST224 Electric Start Snow Thrower

A beast of a snow blower on sale this season to ensure that you have the kind of walkway and driveway that people are going to envy this season. You’ll probably proudly display this shiny, masterful piece of machinery on your front porch, as people crane their heads to stare at as they drive down the road- surely drooling with envy.

Okay, maybe this snow blower isn’t THAT exciting, but it’s definitely the best snow Blower on the market (note that it’s called a “snow thrower” because it has that much power).

There are several features that you’re bound to enjoy on this snow thrower:

  • The Husqvarna ST224 stands out with bright orange paint and black design that looks great and stands up to the elements (e.g. salt, water, gravel, dirt, and corrosion)
  • Super capable, sturdy motor with a big 208cc’s of raw power, a 2.7 liter fuel tank to guarantee that you can work for long periods of time (oil included as well)
  • Looks dangerous, powerful and manly
  • Solid, big, 15 inch tires that move and operate with ease in huge drifts of snow between a foot and two feet.
  • Electric start to start up easily with electric starts, and is self-propelled for minimal actual force required by the user, with amazing results.

Pros of the Husqvarna ST224 Snowthrower

There are a huge variety of awesome features that are included with this machine:

  • A rotating chute to deflect snow away from you for over 180 degrees for maximum control, less mess, and minimal effort required
  • More and more users are reporting that the Husqvarna snow thrower talk about how it gives some of the best results with minimal effort.
  • LED light to ensure that you can see in the dark
  • Clears a wider amount of snow than other comparable models of snow blowers
  • Awesome heated grip handles to make the cold weather a little more bearable.

Cons of this snowblower include:

  • Some complain that the instruction manual is incomplete and hard to read and operate
  • Sometimes the wheels lock in place, making steering far more difficult when conditions are especially bad (e.g. in freezing temps)
  • Some of the add-on “features” add a little extra weight
  • The exhaust gets pretty hot, and is kind of awkwardly located. We like to think of it as a portable exhaust heater
  • The LED light is nice, but it could be brighter to really make it stand out

All in all, does the Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc stand out against the crowd?

There are a wide variety of alternative snow blowers on the market, and some of them have a smaller price tag, and a similar size motor, but it really comes down to the quality of the product. One product that we’ve seen specifically on amazon is the Power Start Two Stage Snow Thrower. It’s considerably cheaper, with similar power options- including both a recoil and electric start, but cuts through less snow and doesn’t quite throw snow like the Husqvarna.

Plus, the Husqvarna clears four more inches of snow on the sidewalk, and higher snow drifts. What we’ve really noticed is how the Husqvarna deals with thick/dense snow drifts. In these situations, the Power Start doesn’t really compare. Additionally, the Husqvarna has a lifetime warranty, while the Power Smart’s isn’t quite as robust.

For a couple hundred bucks, you get a lifetime product that you’re sure to be happy with- or your money back.

Reviews of this snow thrower on sale this winter:

Reviewers of the Husqvarna ST224 – 24-Inch 208cc say that it’s incredibly suitable for driveways and residential areas that are covered in snow in practically the densest snowdrifts from the far north to the east and Midwest. In fact, they claim that it’s exactly what you’ll need for these areas. For one, it’s one of the most robust models on the market. It’s got a huge amount of power, and is one of the best for dealing with thick, wet drifts of snow, it’s sure to eliminate all of the issues that you’ve had with other models:

  • Sticking or clogging of the mechanisms
  • Hard to clean areas with thick or frozen, persistent snow drifts.
  • This product does exceptionally well at making it easier for you to get your job done.

The Husquvarna makes sure that you’re having an enjoyable experience with your snow blower this winter. It’s lithe, powerful, and built to last. You’re not going to be spending money on a product that you’re not going to be using in a few years, or something that you’re not going to be taking through thick, dense snow patches.

You’re sure to enjoy the extra features that this snowblower offers- especially how well it pushes snow, and the width of it’s pathing. You’re sure to have the cleanest driveways in the neighborhood, as well as the most low-key, quite yet powerful snow blower this season. There’s really none out there that compare, despite the higher price tag. You’re sure to enjoy the vast power and ease of use that you’ll get from this machine that other devices just can’t get you.

Plus, at this time of year, you’re sure to need it. We’ve got Husqvarna ST224 snowblower (20% off) sales around, and we know how to get you a good deal. You’re bound to enjoy the ease of use as you masterfully and effectively obliterate the competition (the snow) this season.

Check out why Customers rated it for 4.5 Stars on Amazon Here.

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