Best Snow Blower Comparison Reviews (2020): What Should You Pick?

When it’s the middle of winter, and the weather is whipping down around you, snow is falling, temperatures are dropping, and ice is building up around the windowsills.

You want to feel proud that you’ve taken the necessary precautions, built up your winter arsenal, and laid down the foundations that you need to ensure that you’re ready to protect your household from the dreadful winter weather. One of the most important aspects of your snow defense is your snowblower.

Best Snow Blower Comparison Buying Guide

In this “Best Snow Blower Comparison,” we’ll highlight exactly what you should be looking for in a snow blower, what features some snow blowers have, and some of the best snow blowers on the market. Towards the end of this Snow Blower Comparison Guide Report, we’ll answer some common questions that people typically have regarding their snow blowers- and believe us, there’s a lot. We’ll hopefully address all of your questions in our report, but have any questions, feel free to comment below.

Top Rated Snow Blowers Comparison (2020) – Which one is the Best?

We’ve found that these models on Amazon have a lot of great features, plus they’re delivered right to your front door (which is a major plus in those cold winter months):

Snow Joe SJ625E 15 Amp 21″ Ultra Electric Snow Thrower with Light (Our Best-Seller 2020)

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Without a doubt, the best feature on this model is the LED light. It’s cold and dark during the winter months, and it’s hard to see. Having a quality LED light means that you’ll be able to get the job done when you want to, instead of relying on sunlight. Plus it’s highly affordable (less than $200) and it delivers plenty of excellent features that you’d want, like a power motor capable of moving over 800 pounds of snow a minute, and quick, gas-free, oil-free pickup. It really doesn’t get better than that.

Imagine never having to change any oil, or fill up your snow blower with gas. Imagine a powerful, fast motor obliterating snow and practically anything else in its path? That’s what you get with the Snow Joe. It’s a great value, and it comes with free shipping on Amazon, making it one of the cheapest snow blowers on the market.

The 15 Amp Ultra Electric Snow Thrower is great for smaller areas, driveways, or walkways. Plus, it’s light, maneuverable, and great in tight spaces. You’ll be able to traverse the deepest snow drifts (up to a foot) with ease; and the handy scraper blade on the base of the unit gets all the snow around without hurting your deck or pavement.

Greenworks PRO 20-Inch 80V Cordless Snow Thrower, 2.0 AH Battery Included (Top Cordless 2020)

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Yyou could feel great about doing your part to save the environment and decimate snow in the process. This Greenworks model delivers snow clearing clearance over 10 inches, throwing snow over a foot over 20 feet from your location. Plus, it’s got 6 inch wheels that won’t get clogged or slow you down. You can even lock the cord down on this model so you aren’t dragging it around, saving you money on gas without holding you back. The DUAL LED light can help you in the dark.

Over a thousand people reviewed this particular GreenWorks model of snowblower and consistently rated it above four stars. And all in all, it deserves this rating. The GreenWorks is different because it’s safer than other models, despite being a little heavier than the other products listed here. However the adjustable height of the handle and the easy to use cord lock adds a tremendous amount of ergonomic appeal to this machine.

We love GreenWorks because they’re environmentally sound. They take the effort to guarantee that you’re removing your Eco-footprint with the most Earth friendly tools and devices for your home. Even better, the GreenWorks offers one of the longest warranties with the lowest price- four years of normal home use. With only a little assembly, you’ll have an amazing products that will blast the snow from your path.

Snow Joe iON18SB Ion Cordless Single Stage Brushless Snow Blower

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This model is a little more expensive than previous models, but it delivers a much more robust experience with a high quality, Rechargeable Ecosharp 40-volt Lithium-Ion Battery to completely disconnect you from cords and restrictions. With 40 V of power, your lightweight snow blower (it weighs only 32 pounds) can deliver awesome results with rubber blades that blast through 500 pounds of snow without damaging surfaces, and throwing distances up to 20 feet.

If you’re needing to get the job done (for up to an hour) a little bit further away from your home than your extension cord allows, you owe yourself the more versatile ion-cordless single stage brush-less snow blower. Not only is it cord free, it’s just as powerful as other models, cutting a path through snow at least 18 inches wide and 8 inches deep, even in the worst conditions- and like the other Snow Joe electric snow blowers- absolutely no maintenance.

This is one of the best snow blowers in this comparison, simply because it goes further than the other models on the list. Eliminate frustration, eliminate hassle, and get out there and work! You’ll love the freedom that this model provides, as well as its’ unique approach to a rubber bladed snow-blowing experience.

Husqvarna ST324, 24 in. 254cc Two-Stage Electric Start Gas Snow Blower with Power Steering (Commerical-Grade)

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This is by far the most expensive “snowthrower” on the market, but it’s also got a powerful 4.5 stars to show for it’s almost $1,500 price tag. This is because this snow blower flat delivers in the worst possible conditions (up to two feet of slushy, wet and sticky snow drifts) over 15 feet with no problem whatsoever. Plus, Husqvarna has one of the most trusted names on the market, and the most customers with specific needs like those in the far north. It’s one of the easiest blowers to start, and it’ll eliminate virtually any job that you have with ease.

It’s hard to find a better machine, despite the high price. It’s a monster of a snow-blower and will stand up to practically any test that you throw at it, plus it’s easy to start, handy to operate, and nearly impossible to beat. The ones who test these products live in the worst conditions in America, where the onslaught of snow consistently brings two or three feet of accumulation at one time. The improvements that they’ve made in this product(the improved transmission, the quieter muffler and adjustable handlebars) are exactly what you need to last a while.

You’ll love this higher quality snow blower. There are few like it out there that deliver the sheer power that this Husqvarna model brings you, no matter where you live. You’ll feel like the king of the mountain when you’re decimating even the worst of snow drifts, when your neighbors devices have already exploded, clogged, or blew their belt mechanisms. Remember, you pay for what you get. Don’t purchase any less.

Troy-Bilt Squall 2100 208cc Single-Stage Gas Snow Thrower

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We were definitely surprised by the Toro. It’s very high quality, but the price tag doesn’t reflect it. It moves over 700 pounds of snow per minute, has over 21-inch wide and 13-inch deep of clearance, and moves up to a foot of snow at a time without clogging up or slowing down. It’s very ergonomic, with an easy to use handle, a 190 degree chute, and a completely adjustable design that makes the most out of your experience.

Toro has a storied line in America, because of its penchant for quality, exceptional build, quick level, zip deflector, and easy assembly. Compared to other models, this one has about a third less weight built in, a 208cc 4-cycle OHV Electric Start engine, and snow throwing capacities as high quality as any other product on the market. What’s even better: the Toro Power Curve Snow Blower is maintenance free, maximizes your comfort levels, and gives you all the leverage that you need when snow is piled up.

Like the Snow Joe, the Toro offers a two year warranty and some great power options. Expect to blow through 2-6 inches with ease, quickly adjusting the angle of the blower to throw snow wherever you want it.

Different Types of Snow Blowers:

As with anything you have options when it comes to different types of snow blowers. One of the first variations you will encounter is in an individual unit’s ability to handle specific amounts of snow.

Single Stage, Two or Three Stage Gas Blower

This measuring system pertains mostly to gas snow blowers and is measured as followed: Single Stage Gas, Two-Stage Gas, Three Stage Gas. The single stage gas blower is able to handle the least amount of snow while the three-stage gas blower will take care of the most.

Unless you are often prone to getting more than a foot of snow the single stage gas blower should sufficiently be able to handle your needs.

Corded vs Cordless Electric Snow-Blower

In addition to gas, there are also electric models as well, with which you will have the option of choosing between corded and cordless.

While electric models generally are not quite as powerful many people do favor them as they are quieter, more lightweight, and better for the environment.

Ultimately, of course, you will need to choose the snow blower that is right for your needs. The good news is that with all of the options out there you shouldn’t have any trouble finding one that is perfect for your situation.

What to Consider when Buying a Snow Blower?

Without a doubt, the most important aspect of buying any product is figuring out exactly what a product can do for you. It might sound kind of superfluous to some, but you’d be surprised exactly how many people search for snowblowers on amazon and haven’t the slightest inkling what they’re actually looking for.

There are a few integral things to consider before you actually decide to make your purchase too:\


One of the first things that I would consider is the weight of an individual unit. Weight can vary pretty significantly from blower to blower which is why it is important to pay attention to that as you shop, especially if you have a lot of property that you will be using your snow blower on.

While using a snow blower is easier than using a shovel it can still lead to fatigue, so weight is definitely something to look out for.

Power Source

Power source is another primary concern. As I mentioned earlier gas units are the most powerful but they also have drawbacks. For example, gas units are also noisier, more expensive to maintain, and often, heavier.

Still, if you live in an area with deep snow you may have no other option but to invest in one.

If you are going to buy electric you will be faced with a whole new set of considerations to make: chief among them, the choice between corded or cordless. A corded unit will be great for clearing out a patio, but for taking care of your driveway you are probably going to want a cordless model.

Where are you going to store your new slow blower? Is there a large enough space?

It might not seem like a big deal, but your snow blower is probably going to have considerable size requirements. Shovel type blowers can be as large as a large push mower, and traditional snow blowers must be stored in specific ways to maintain their quality.

Realizing that snow blowers range widely in size and will probably need some space is the first part of the battle. If your storage space isn’t large enough, you’ll need a backpack snow blower, or a blower with a folding handle or compact, streamlined design.

At what level is most of your property?

Most shovel snow blowers have to be pushed to propel forward, and you’ll have to put some effort into it if you’re pushing uphill. Start by imagining shoving a push mower up the steepest part of your driveway before you buy a shovel model. Steeper driveways are typically always easier to clean with a snow blower rather than a powered snow shovel on the tougher, steeper areas.

While some models might be self-propelled, it’s not realistic to expect to consistently push a shovel up a particularly steep slope safely.

Some Snow Blower Usage Tips

You might have to clear a few clogs in the pipes and tubing- but NEVER WITH YOUR HANDS.

It’s important to expect to clean a few slow clogs on your snow blower. It happens because snow occasionally freezes in the shovel mechanisms and needs to be removed because it’s too compact for the blower to push. Better models consider these challenges and include a special tool to use that cleans out your machine and pushes snow out of the machine; you can also use a broom handle in a pinch.

NEVER stick your hand in a snow blower to clear a machine- that’s a BIG NO-NO- and one of the leading (and only) cause of serious snow blower injury.

Expect to need some foam plugs for ear protection

No matter what kind of snow blower you get, there are going to be some sounds associated with its operation. While the actual decibel volume varies between machine variety, gas powered blowers are typically the loudest, and electric models are quieter, but you’ll still want ear protection. Quality foam plugs can provide up to 32 or 33 dB of noise protection which will matter to the tiny hairs in your inner ear that will never grow back (so take care of them now).

Make sure that you’re providing enough power for your investment- with a quality cord

You’ll never get the power that you’re looking for from your electric devices if you aren’t giving them enough power to work with, sometimes a cable as long as 100 to 150 feet. Additionally, this cable should be about to handle at least 110 V, hopefully more, and be at least 12 gauge in thickness, rated for outdoor use.

This should go without saying, but some people do really stupid things. NEVER use a household cord or poorly rated cord for higher voltage products. You’re asking for smoke, sparks, and a fire.

Think about easy snow blower maintenance

You might not want to consider the maintenance of your snow blower now, but you’ll have to eventually, and the fact is that a little maintenance here and there makes your blower work better and longer, making your investment more worthwhile for you in the long run.

Additionally, expect your snow blower to need more than a basic tune up and tire check. You’ll probably need to replace a few belts after a while, and a few shear pins (which are excellent to keep on hand). Keep gas machines full throughout the year, change the oil at the end of every season, and always inspect the spark plugs, lubricating the machine with a light coat of oil to areas that might be prone to rusting or corroding in snow, salt, or sand.

What are the Features & Benefits of Snow Blowers

We’ll make your search a little easier and highlight some of the most important features of a good snow blower:

Plenty of power

Consider how much snowfall your area really has, and consider what the inch average of coverage that your area will have. Your machine will either have to scoop, push, blow, or impel snow away from your living spaces, lawn, or walkway.

When it comes down to it, it also needs to throw snow a considerable distance from your walkway, or the snow could pile up and become an even bigger problem. Understand that snow fall values vary greatly, depending on the year, so be realistic about your goals and expectations for your snow blower so that you haven’t got a snow blower that can’t keep up the pace when it’s time to put its money where its mouth is.

Easy to push around

Improperly designed snow blowers can be heavy. How heavy, you ask? Imagine pushing a hundred to hundred and fifty pound machine that’s improperly designed to keep moving when the wheels get crammed with snow, or a two-way impeller that’s built to destroy the snow but weighs between fifty and seventy pounds. It’s important to be understanding of your possible limitations when using these types of products, keeping you moving when it’s most important.

Your snow blower needs to well designed enough to roll up and down your driveway without leaving you huffing, puffing and sweating when you don’t have to. Consider buying a more well-built machine that maneuvers in a straight even line, won’t slip on the driveway when it’s covered in ice, and that can easily maneuver in your yard. Additionally, it’ll need to be designed to twist and turn in your driveway with handling that matters- although there are backpack snow blower models, these days.

Easy to use, with great features

When it comes down to it, you aren’t going to want to have to reach around to find your controls, and you’re going to want to be able to maneuver them with heavy gloves and stiff fingers. This means that the best snow blowers are easy to adjust, offer easy to use handlebar controls to operate the machine, and let you change settings without shutting down the machine and aiming the chute or modifying parts. Backpack blowers have to be designed to blow air without needing to be refilled all the time- and often it’s important to find a balance between the two options.

Starts reliably, without tugging and pulling

When the weather outside is frightful there’s little that’s more delightful than a reliable electric starter on your snow blower. You don’t understand frustration until you’re trying to start an old snow blower on an especially cold day. You’ll never go back to gasoline again after you’ve used one of the best models of electric snow blowers on the market- which is why you’re seeing more and more high end models making the switch, because it’s just more convenient when the elements are bad.

An auger and shoot that are designed to really push snow

You need an auger that’s going to sweep all the way down to your pavement or blacktop. If your driveway isn’t paved, you almost have to invest in a snow blower. The best push varieties of blowers will shoot gravel everywhere if you drive over a loose patch, which can be devastating for new windows- one of our female readers was reported this to us with her chagrin- so remember to use an impeller when you’re dealing with gravel.

Speeds to match your needs

The best snowblowers have more than one speed to move snow. Good snow blower machines have a light and heavy snow speed for lighter snow packs and heavier drafts and piles. The best, most-high end models have several speeds to deal with anything that winter has to offer- which can be amazing when you’re dealing with the possibility of really bad winter weather like this year.

Tough, sturdy exterior with quality parts

You’re purchasing a snow blower to last right? Or are you wanting to buy a new snow blower every season? Look for a snow blower that’s built to last with a reliable casing and mechanisms that will keep moving even in the roughest weather, with the worst conditions. It needs to annihilate snow and move it with vengeance, and anything else is unacceptable.

A quality warranty with no strings attached

Snow blowers that are built right have a quality two-year warranty that gets you there with a reliable body and construction. Name brands have that reputation you can trust when it comes to snow blowers. The older, more storied brands typically offer longer, more high quality warranties, while newer, flashier models come with shorter warranties that void after possible commercial use. If you’re looking into the warranties, make sure that you’re reading the fine print, or you could get hoodwinked.

FAQ (Common Questions)

Q: Is it going to be loud?

A: Unfortunately it probably will be, which may mean that you will want to avoid using it early in the morning if at all possible.

However, the electric blowers featured on this list certainly will not be as loud as their gas equivalents.

Q: Is it too big for women or children?

A: While the answer to that question is mostly relative to your size most women should have no trouble operating this machine. As far as children are concerned, that is a decision that you will have to make at your own discretion.

Q: What is the life expectancy of a snow blower?

A: That’s a very fair question though unfortunately, the answer is a little complicated. It really depends on the unit itself as well as the way in which it is used. That said there are plenty of twenty-year-old plus snow blowers that are still going strong.

Snow Blower Safety Tips

Safety is a concern with any tool though fortunately, the hazards of operating a snow blower are minimal.

Just be sure to dress appropriately in gloves and a thick coat, and you will be ok!


No matter what you choose, it’s important to get all the information you need and the best snow blower comparisons here! We’ve got all the information that you need to make an informed decision on your next purchase. Remember to check the reviews when you’re considering your next purchase, because you’re sure to find the information that you need. We hope that you found exactly what you needed in this “Best Snow Blower Comparison,” and that you find the best product to meet your needs!

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