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10 Spectacular Summer Flower Ideas: Brighten Any Space Instantly!

Do you love summer flowers but struggle with design ideas on how best to fill your garden with all those gorgeous blooms? Do you often visit your local garden center and see an abundance of available annuals and don’t know which ones you should take home? If you’re anything like me, you probably want them […]


Urban Backyard Farm with a Touch of Local History

On a quiet street in Templeton, California, is a nondescript tract house with a well-maintained front yard and a shady tree. But in the backyard of Mark Anselmi’s home you will enter multiple outdoor living areas and an urban farm. Mark’s backyard has been turned into an area to grow fruits, vegetables, gather eggs from […]


5 Benefits of Eating and Growing the Best Tomatoes Ever

Tomatoes are one of nature’s best kept secrets. Yes, we all know how good they taste, and that they are a fruit, not a vegetable (yeah, that one still gets me sometimes). And of course, we know that they are good for us: low in calories, they are an essential part of healthy eating and […]


Best Natural Gardening Tips for Beginners to Get You Growing

Even though it’s winter outside, it’s not too early to be thinking about planting your garden in the spring.  There are many things that you can be thinking about and doing before the snow melts and it’s time to plant your garden.  Let’s go over some of the best gardening tips for beginners. In fact, […]


Gardening Tips: How to Make Good Growing Soil

Gardening is a fun and productive hobby that can ensure that your family eats healthy, homegrown fruits and vegetables year round.  Many people find starting a garden intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be.  If you take the time learn what plants grow best where you live, and prepare your soil well, Mother Nature will […]


How to Start a Vegetable Garden: Home Grow Your Own Veggies

As more and more people become conscious not only of what they are eating, but also where it comes from, gardening is becoming more popular.  Planting your own vegetable garden has many benefits.  Produce can be canned or frozen for the winter months, which helps to keep your grocery bills down and also ensures that […]

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