10 Fun DIY Small Front Yard Decorating Ideas

Sprucing up your front yard and porch doesn’t have to be expensive or take a lot of time. There are lots of easy ways to add instant curb appeal using everyday items and a little creativity, and if you’re not creative no worries- we can help you with that!

DIY Small Front Yard Decorating Ideas

Here are 10 Fun DIY Front Yard Decorating Ideas you can create in under a day. As you’ll see, these ideas are simple, but brilliant and will make your home feel warm and inviting.

10 Fun DIY Front Yard Decorating Ideas

1. Brighten Up Your Front Porch With This Mason Jar Light

Brighten Up Your Front Porch With This Mason

This decorative light arrangement is so easy to make and will certainly brighten up any front porch. Just collect some mason jars and attach grapevine wire or something similar to each one so they can be hung. Next, look for a nice hook that you can hang them on and some interesting ribbon so you can hang them at different levels.

Then all that’s left to do is fill the jars with a string of tiny fairy lights and wait for the sun to go down. You could arrange this decoration in any way that you want and even use colored lights for a more festive look.

2. Make Some Decorative Wooden Shutters For Your Front Windows

You can quickly spruce up the front of your home by adding some brightly colored shutters made from wood. All you need is some wood from your local hardware store and some screws to hold the shutters together and attach them to the wall.

All you need to do is measure the length of your windows and assemble the shutters. You can either stain them so that the beauty of the wood shows through or paint them in a bright color to really ‘pop’ out. And while you’re at it, why not paint your front door in a matching color to tie it all together? You could even buy extra wood and make some decorative window boxes and fill them with brightly colored flowers.

This project should take you no more than a day to complete and is guaranteed to transform the look of your home.

3. Add Some Color To Your Porch Stairs

If you have stairs leading up to your front door, why not spruce them up with a bit of paint. But don’t just paint them all the same color. Why not add some geometric shapes in a contrasting color to add a little flair.

You could even make it look like you have a runner going up your stairs by painting darker stripes on each side and painting the middle a lighter or contrasting color. Just use painters tape to mark out the stripes. Black and gray look really great together for this project.

4. Add A Vertical Wall Planter To Your Porch.

Make your porch come alive with a vertical wall planter and some brightly colored pots of flowers. All you need is a suitably sized piece of lattice, some galvanized planters, some S hooks to hang the planters and your choice of plants.

Firstly you’ll want to paint your lattice and attach it to the wall. Depending on the type of planters you purchased you may need to drill some drainage holes in the bottom plus a hole in the side near the top to insert your S-hook into.

Then all you need to do is arrange the planters on the lattice and add your plants. Make sure you keep them well watered as small pots tend to dry out quickly. You might like to add some water holding crystals to the potting mix as you’re planting.

5. Create A Splash Of Color With Small Flower Beds Around The Base Of Your Trees

This is a quick and easy project but will make a huge impact in your front yard. Just mark out a small circular bed around the base of each tree and remove any grass. Add some fertilizer to the soil and plant brightly colored flowers in a circular pattern. This is most effective if you use contrasting colored flowers like reds, yellows. blues and of course some white ones.

You can keep these plantings fresh by changing the flowers each season or even planting bulbs for some extra color.

6. Make An Address Post Plant Hanger

Make it easy for visitors to find your place by adding this cute address post plant hanger. All you need is a decorative post, a fence cap for the top, some large numbers and a pretty plant hanger to attach to the side of the post.

Stain or paint the post and fence cap, glue the cap onto post, stick on the letters and attach the plant hanger. Position it near your front door and add a hanging plant. This is such a simple idea but very effective.

7. Upcycle An Old Sewing Cabinet Into A Porch Planter

You can easily find old sewing cabinets or something similar in a thrift shop. Once you have your cabinet, after removing the top, give it a few coats of paint remembering that it may be exposed to the elements. You could add some plastic furniture glides to the bottom of the legs to keep them off the damp concrete.

Put a large plastic bucket in the top for your plant to sit in. Then take a trip to your local nursery and find a large flowering plant to put in the bucket. A hanging basket would be ideal as the plant will cascade down over the cabinet. You just need to remove the hanger. You can change the plant with the seasons to keep things fresh and interesting.

8. Install Some Solar Lights Along Your Driveway Or A Path

If you have a path leading to your front door, why not install some solar lights along the edge of the path? You can find some pretty decorative ones at your local hardware store. You could install low voltage light instead if you prefer.

If you don’t have a path you can install the lights along the side of your driveway. These not only add interest but can add safety and security as well.

9. Find An Old Rolling Cart To Display Plants On Your Front Porch

Search thrift shops for an old rolling cart which you can sit on your front porch and fill with plants and other decorative items. You can spruce it up with a coat of paint or leave as is for a more rustic look.

Change out the display with the seasons to keep it fresh and interesting. You could use different themes like ones for Christmas and Halloween. This is a very simple idea but can have so many variations.

10. Create A Tall Flower Tower For Your Porch

There’s nothing like a few plants and brightly colored flowers to brighten up a dreary front porch. Make this handy flower tower using just five terracotta pots of different sizes. It’s so simple but looks very effective.

You can even paint your house number on the biggest pot so that visitors can easily find you. After assembling the tower just add some seasonal flowers and be sure to add some water saving crystals as well, as terracotta pots tend to dry out very quickly.

With these fun projects which you can make in under a day, your house will be transformed from boring to bold and eye catching. So make one of more of these projects for your front yard or porch and come home to a house you can be proud of.

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